Cassini provides data you can trust

Cassini takes the mystery out of managing astigmatism with accurate and reliable pre-op measurements of Total Corneal Astigmatism (TCA) and axis of astigmatism.

Identify IOL patients

  • Increase premium procedure volume by Pre-operatively identifying patients who are eligible for astigmatism correction

Plan with confidence

  • Determine the best astigmatism treatment option
  • Choose optimal toric IOL power and arcuate incision placement
  • Define treatment plan without relying on imprecise population averages

Get the axis right

  • Position toric IOLs or arcuate incisions for optimal effect, with Cassini axis measurements ±3°¹

Case Example

Anterior Data(OPDIII and IOLMaster) Cassini TCA
Corneal Astigmatism  2.11 D @ 159º  0.3 D
Expected Post-Op Astigmatism w/SIA 1.39 D  0.69 D
Surgical Correction of Astigmatism  Toric Lens – BL1UT 2.00(Treat 1.33 D @ Corneal Plane)  Crystalens AT-52AO with single LRI

After treatment based on Cassini TCA, the patient was plano 20/20 at one week post-op.

Cassini TCA helped me select the right IOL in view of my patient´s posterior corneal astigmatism

Cynthia Matossian, MD
Matossian Eye Associates
Doylestown, PA, USA