Cassini allows you to understand
corneal astigmatism,inside and out

Cassini helps eliminate post-op surprises by accurately and reliably measuring Total Corneal Astigmatism (TCA), preoperatively.

Your GPS for Astigmatism Correction

Cassini uses patented multi-colored LED point-to-point ray tracing to provide a GPS-like analysis of the cornea along with high-resolution images utilized for surgical guidance. The unique measuring principle enables highly accurate and repeatable measurements of the TCA.

Total corneal astigmatism (TCA)

Combines the contributions of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces and accounts for the effect of corneal thickness.




I find the Cassini to be very accurate, with  the new software for Total Corneal Astigmatism I believe it will surpass other topography, and raise the bar for even better outcomes

P Dee Stephenson, MD, FACS,
Founder and CEO of Stephenson Eye Associates
Venice, FL, USA